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Therapeutic Treatment

At Wilson Medical Center, we have an experienced Rehabilitation team with exceptional clinical skills. We provide individualized treatments to each patient with care and compassion in order to establish a lasting trust that is so important to human healing.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy focuses on helping people of all ages to gain or regain their independence and reach their maximum ability to function safely.

Services provided by Occupational Therapists:
• Treatment programs to improve activities of daily living,
   self-care and UE/hand functions
• Evaluations of needs in the home and workplace environment
• Patient and family education regarding safety and awareness
• Treatment of a vast array of diagnoses such as stroke, heart
   attack, work-related injuries, arthritis or other hand injuries/conditions, orthopedic problems, traumatic
   brain injury, spinal cord injury, other visual/perceptual and cognitive problems
• SAEBO splint provider
• TBI and CVA care – Wilson Medical center has a certified neuro-IFRAH specialist

Physical Therapy
Through therapeutic exercise, gait training, pain reliving modalities and education, physical therapy treatment helps patients to improve their functional mobility and return to their optimum performance levels.

Services provided by Physical Therapists:
• Wound Care – Wilson Medical Center has a Certified Wound Specialist in the rehabilitation department
• Myofascial Release
• Evaluations of physical performance
• Therapeutic exercise programs for profess in gaining strength and endurance safely
• Sports injury treatments
• Pain management
• Treatment of the back/SI problems
• Balance and other gait problems
• Orthopedic treatment (pre-operative consults and post-operative treatment)
• Aquatic Therapy
• Lymphedema treatment

Speech Therapy
As an advocate for people with communication, cognition and swallowing disorders, speech therapists promote and provide a better quality of life by providing treatment designed to improve speech, communication, cognition and swallowing abilities.

Services provided by Speech Language Pathologists:

Evaluation and treatment of pediatrics and adults for the following:
•  Articulation disorders
•  Language disorders
•  Stuttering
•  Aphasia/Aptaxia/Dysarthria
•  Cognitive communication disorders
•  Alternative communication education/training
•  Laryngectomy/Trachesophageal puncture (TEP)
•  Voice disorders
•  Swallowing disorders
•  Modified Barium Swallow Studies
•  VitalStim Therapy
•  Deep pharyngeal neuromuscular stimulation